92' toyota corolla radio power problem?

Hello, I bought this car knowing there was no radio, now I have one hooked it up yesterday to the wire harness and I guts no Power. Damn It! a friend did has a testing light and the light came on for the Radio Fuse but the Red wire in the Harness nothing, where is the Live wire then any takers.>?? Any ideas how I can trace the Postive wire from the Fuse to the harness in the radio dash>? or find a Constant postive power saurce... Please help even if it's not a good answer... Please thanks Adam S>.


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One method, find a spot in the fuse box that has power with the key on and no power with it off. Once you've done this, determine which side of the fuse has power with key on and no power with key off (pull the fuse and use the testing light to do this).

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Now that you know what side of the fuse has power, go to the autoparts store and ask for a fuse tap (take the fuse with you to get the right kind).

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Using a crimp tool, crimp a connector that fits the fuse tap to a wire that's 12-14 gauge that's long enough to reach the radio. You will need to run an in-line fuse on this wire to the radio with a 5 to10 amp fuse depending on power requirements.

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Connect the tap to the fuse with the tap going to the side of the fuse you determined to have power.

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This (fused) wire will connect to the "switched" power wire to the radio (usually red on the radio). The constant power wire (usually yellow) must connect to the battery also through a 5 to 10 amp fuse.

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Connect the black wire to a good ground and your done.

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Throw that away, get a new radio. get a professional to look at it or install it mine you hurt yourself.

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