What should i do about my power supply?

i have two jl 12w7's and two jl 1000/1 monoblock amps. i know they drain my battery really fast. what should i do?


how do i install a flipdown monitor in my 1995 tahoe?

Alternator upgrade!

How hear Ipod through 2007 Chrysler T&C RCA jacks?

Something to consider...this is an example...

My Stereo head unit and two 12 inch audiobahn subs with amo turn off while driving, power cable? please help?

To calculate the current draw of an amplifier, multiply the number of channels by the RMS watts per channel (a 2 channel amp rated at 500 watts RMS per channel would be 1000 watts). Double it to account for amplifier inefficiency (1000 watts X 2 = 2000 watts), then divide by the average output voltage of an alternator, 13.8 volts (2000 divided by 13.8 = 145 amps). Since the average music signal requires about 1/3rd of the average power in a test tone, divide by 3 (145 amps divided by 3 = 48 amps).

hopw do i measure the size of a car speaker..in order to buy off of ebay?

This is an average approximation of current draw and it can go higher. So I would gather between *48 and 72 amperes for this example.

I have a H2 what all do i need to put in it for alot of bass and do i need more then just subs and amps?

The alternator of a:

What are some tips to make my bass lower?

compact car is about 35 amps
mid-sized car is about 65-75 amps
SUV is about 145 amps

is there satellite radio in the middle east? if not, then when?

Calculate 40% of the amperes of the alternator you have now. This is the average current the car uses when running. Add this number to the approximate average current draw (*48), and you will come up with the actual size of alternator you need.

How do I fix a jammed 6 disc CD player?

If the number you come up with is the same as what your alternator supplies, you need to take no action.

How do you buy car audio?


Can i run a 1000W sub off my 500W amp?

Add an auxiliary battery power source that's charged off your alternator.

How to remove the stereo from a 87 honda accord?

new alternator is the awesome answer, you will notice a drop in performance from your engine with a beefier altenator, you will probably also ant to consider a large capacitor if you havent already done so.

How do i stop really bad vibration on back end of car due to stereo?

sparky lives doen the road from me in austin and works at burger king. he charged my dad 50 bucks plus felt me up to install my subs in my datsun. he said he was a electronic guru but burned up my amp instead. dont beleive hm

i have a turbo and it says toyota but i don now wat toyota is from i want to sale or install in my car?

Alternator upgrade, split charger to a Optima deep cycle battery, or decent Power Capacitor such as a phoenix gold power grid. However with a lot of wattage you will always suck a lot of current.
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