What type of amp set up gets more power out?

I bought 2 X Eaudio 1000D amps and trying to use them for 2X Pioneer 3004SPL subs. thing i wana know is how should i setup the amps? do i get more power if i bridge the amps to 2 subs or make 1 amp dedicated to 1 sub? which way is better?


Is a connection lose on my car stereo? driving into work this morning it kept switching itself on and off?

1 amp, 1 sub, they are class d, meant that way.

Where can I find an MECP certified car audio installer in Alpharetta/Roswell, GA?

o **** the SPL series for Premier, that put out 1,000-3,000 max,

Problem with car stereo, deck/amp not turning on.?

Parallel would be less resistance (less Ohms)

Xenon bulbs. Does anybody have any negative experience with these ? I want to upgrade my factory lights!?

Each sub to each amp as you can't bridge amps unless they're specifically designed to do so.
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