Anyone ever plug their sub into a wall outlet?

A 4 ohm sub wired direct to a 110 volt wall outlet will produce about 3100 watts at 60hz. That will bump pretty good, but don't do it for too long. See if your $200, 4000 watt Audioban sub will actually handle 3100 watts. I bet it won't!


I need to know what the spare socket on the back of my car radio is for ,it is a phillips 22dc461/62l?

Ive done it to a punch He before and it lasted two minutes before blowing. It was fun watching it jump all over the place and then catch on fire after it was done.

Blown Kenwood KDC-MP5028 CD Reciever?

LOL yea we do this sometimes on "defective" subs around the shop. Its funny watching it jump all over the place.

Ok to run two 40watt and two 160watt speakers speakers off of a four channel 400 watt amp?

i once plugged a smaller speaker of unknown impedance into a wall outlet. it was an earpiece from some broken naval sound-powered phone headsets. all it did was emit a 60Hz tone, but i didn't do it for long enough to fry it because i was holding it in my hand and didn't trust it very much. got a laugh outta some friends, though! we got verrrry verrry bored on watch in the wee hours.

Whats the max handling of stock speaker copper wires? has alot of vids with people doing that. it is funny some times to see that

What are some good 12" subwoofers for a camaro?

This web site has that too...and alot more:

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