An EQ question?

john has a car ,that is toyota brand,it has been 5 yrs old,but it still work .the # of the car is h825692.what s the name of the car..?...
so here is the q, what is the name of the car?

What enclosure to use for a 15" Rockford Fosgate subwoofer.?

I have an alpine car radio on my car (Kia sephia). when i turn it on i get HOLD then it turn off.?

answer :


I have 2 alpine 10" r series subs in a jeep wrangler?


Wiring harness for head unit??

..... TOYOTA .....

Okay i dont get the whole ohms thing and how it works subs and amps?

Don't you mean an IQ question??

Whats a good 12" subwoofer?

You failed!


Obviously not a Mensa member!
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