I have car sound in my room?

what would i need to make i work
i have

What do you need to hook up a ipod to a gm 2007 stereo that has a auxiliary output?

2 12's
cd player

Is there a free online guide on how to install a new stereo in a 96 ford explorer anywhere?

what else do i need


Is it worth to get two amps one four the highs (2 tweeters and 4 speakers). one 4 the (two 10in subs woofers.)

To get any kind of decent sound, you're gonna need some speakers that can do the high range. With what you've got right now, you're gonna wind up with bassy, muddy, crappy sounding subwoofers trying to be full range speakers.

I Have a Ford Ranger with manual locks, i was told i need to get actuators what is this?

Try this after getting an AC to DC Transformer:
1. Remove stereo from car or box, and connect or reconnect the audio, amplification, and equalization systems to the head unit per factory instructions. Make sure everything is connected except the primary, remote and ground wires to the stereo head unit.
2. Prepare the power converter for installation. Remove packaging, attach required wires, etc. per its instructions.
3. Locate the the primary and remote wires from the head unit, twist them together and connect them to the low voltage output jack on the converter normally marked + and/or colored red.
4. Connect the ground wire to the negative jack (black) on the converter.
5. Cross fingers. Hold breath. Pray.
6. Plug power converter into wall jack.
7. Turn on stereo.
8. Go get your groove on.

Can a fuse be blown without looking blown?

Alternatively, I think you might get by using a computer power supply for 12v.

Someone please help me, PLEASE!?

Park outside

Will a capacitor drain my battery?

a 12volt battery charger--for a car--- will run everything

<input type="radio" name="some-name"value="radio button" onClick="show()" onBlur="xx()">,correct or not??

With two 12's, that CD player won't be able to push them very well. An amp is a good idea, but the power supply will run you some $$$. This power supply must be able to supply enough current (amperes) to push the whole system.

Where can i get a new tramsformer?

A 13.8 volt 20 amp supply will push a 150 total watt RMS system and is about $100.

Were to put subs, amp, and capactior in a car?

Ghetto style eh?
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