15inch Kicker L7 or 15inch Kicker CVX??

15inch Kicker L7 or 15inch Kicker CVX??


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go with the L7. its square so it covers more surface area than a round one.

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Up to you...CVX's are more efficient. Power handling, response curves and box sizing is very similar. Both are great subs. what looks are you looking for. Round is easier and cooler for fiberglass enclosures. Square is just massive. I've installed both, heard both and it's all in the looks.

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go with the cvx it will last way longer

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the l7 will hit harder cuz its square. it pushes more air than the round cvx

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Sound quality would be better on the CVX but the L7 would hit harder and be louder. Both are good subs though, it just depends on what type of bass your looking for.
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