2000 Ford Focus Speaker Removal?

I am looking to install new speakers in my 2000 Ford Focus zx3. This is the first step i will make before i get subs/amp etc. Does anybody know what sizes they are and maybe some specs on the factory ones. I have a factory cd player hooked up right now too. There are 2 in the front doors and 2 in the sides of the back seat. How can i get these out to change them out, because i did not see any screws or anything anywhere.


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One word. Hammer

What kind of amp wud u ppl recomend me?

Run your hand on the bottom of the door panel. i think you will find some screws there (2) run your hand on the inside of the door panel all the way up to the sides. should find 3 on each side. this is for the front speakers.

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The speaker sizes are 6x8's all around. Also, I have a '03 focus ZX3 and if i remember there are clips on each side of the door to remove the trim. I installed everything from subs, speakers, tweeters, a radio, 3 amps, a capacitor, nav, and bluetooth in my ZX3. The ZX3 is made for sound. If you buy speakers and subs, go for infinity's kappa or reference line they are cleanest sounding speakers I've heard and I sell car audio.
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