98 blazer speaker conversion?

ok i want to know if there is a conversion kit for my blazer on replacing the rear 6.5s with 6x9s if so what website is there that sells this kit cuz i know 2 door blazers came with 6x9s so any help will be appraciated


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usually they make adaptor plates. but i've only seen them for making a 6x9 hole into a 6.5 hole. i dont understand why you would want to do this though. 6.5s give you much better sq, and most components are 6.5s. 6x9s are a sloppier bass heavy speaker. but if you want bass, why dont you just get a sub or 2? if i were you i'd get a good pair of comps for the front, and just get a sub in the back.

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good luck.

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I'm just going to second what Metal said. 6.5" speakers are better than 6"x9"s. I would replace the factory 6.5"s (if that's what's in there now) with aftermarket ones that are to your liking because the factory speakers from that generation suck. A lot. I know because I have a '99 Sonoma and was much happier after I replaced the factory speakers. However, if you really had your heart set on 6"x9"s, get your favorite cutting tool and drill because a 6"x9" speaker will not mount in a 6.5" hole. Be prepared to cut and drill the heck out of your rear doors...or be creative and fabricate some kind of mount inside the door. I would seriously consider hiring a professional if you choose either of these two routes. Good luck.

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Will a 6"x9" even fit in the door? It's curious that GM, the master of the parts bin, would use a 6"x9" in the 2 door and 6.5" in the 4 door...
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