What kind of amp would you need to push a 12" Audioban Flame series?


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Mr. brad w said it all. I agree 100%.

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Well since the sub is 1000w rms at 4 ohms i would go with any name brand amp thats pushing more then 900w of power. Look for a mono amp, MA audio makes great amps for a good price, then hook up both voice coils and your looking at some LOUD bass.

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Look for a D-class mono amp. make sure you know what ohmage you are going to power the sub at and what the amp puts out and what its capable of handling, you dont wnat to drop it to to low of a indipendence where you will be causing damage to the amp

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if you have the flame Q series, then the sub handles 1100 watts RMS and has two 4 ohm voice coils. if you have the flame excursion series, it handles 550 watts RMS and has one 4 ohm voice coil. i recommend a class D mono amp that puts out either 1000 or 500 watts rms at 2 or 4 ohms. that means you will PROBABLY look for an amp rated at about 1500 or 1200 watts rms AT ONE OHM. make sure you look at the ratings specific to what load you plan on putting on the amp, becasue that will make all the difference. having only one woofer, you don't really need to worry about dropping the load too low because you can only get down to 2 ohms and only if you have the flame q wired in parallel. class d amps are specially designed for bass, don't get very hot, are very efficient, and deliver (and require) more current than a conventional A or A/B amp. they are also usually designed to handle low ohm loads, sometimes less than 1 ohm! and mono is the way to go with bass, no reason to waste energy in the amp by seperating channels when you can't discern what channel bass is coming from, anyways.
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