Blown Kenwood KDC-P5028 CD Reciever?

I have a Kenwood KDC-MP5028 CD player. I was installing the system and everything was going fine. The wiring harness has the yellow cable missing which I think the the 12v. I attatched a wire and hooked it all up and everything was working fine. When I pushed the unit into the dash the wire cameout and it touched the black ground wire. I heard a pop and noticed that the unit was smoking a little bit. Now my unit will not power back on. The fuse is still good so thats not the problem. The radio fuse is also intact. Does anyone know what the problem is? Is there an internal fuse I dont know about? Your help wil be much appreciated. Im also trying to avoid taking it to a repair shop because I know they are goind to charge me an arm and a leg.

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Hrmm... thats very strange. There is no way that should have caused any damage to your head unit. It sounds to me like the short was before the headunit. Are you sure the smoke was coming from the headunit?

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rutrn to where you bought it tell them its defective
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