4 Mtx 9500's 12's or 4 Pioneer Premier 3004's?


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i declare an unfair comparison. of course the mtx's are going to be better. they cost 2x as much as the premiers, and are pretty much mtx's flagship (yes i know about the jackhammer, but i'd rather have a 9500 then that pos. all the jackhammer is, is big and overated.) your obviously going for SPL here, so go with this.

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i bet 2 of these in the right box with the right amount of real power will be louder then 4 9500's. and if you pay full retail, you'll still save about $300. its a no brainer. i've seen 1 of these hit 160 db, and thats in a SUV. if you had a hatchback, then good lord.

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dont be dumb, and dont waist your money. pioneer is the world record holder for SPL with these subs, if your really serious about wanting the loudest car in town, this woofer is the only way to go. just read the reviews on the link.

Is this a good sub and amp setup?

9500swill be cleaner sounding. i have been saling and installing car audi ofor 5 years and i can tell you go with mtx. now it will take 2 huge ampos to power them

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well if money isnt a option go with the mtx's. pioneer is good, but in a way like samsung(good value for money but with so much better things out there). Two should be enough or rather get something better, but two is plenty, coming from a south African guy where we like a little more bass than necessary
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