Will a Pyramid PB717X put out 500 w RMS per channel?

Amazon says 2 x 50 w RMS as do a few other sites, and I was just wondering if the 50 was a misprint. I know its not REALLY going to put out the 500, just hoping its not the 50 as i ordered it this weekend.


What kind of capacitor do i need for a 2000 watt amp?

Not even if it was struck by lightining.


I say that amp is good for about 1/2 the power it says!
Just make sure you wire it properly!

I'm trying to fit some speakers into my Nissan Micra (r-reg) but don't know how to wire the stereo. Any ideas?

This is why you should always buy an amp that's CEA-2006 compliant. This means that a manufacturer has voluntarily had their amp tested and passed to produce the watts stated.

Orion subwoofers?

So, you ordered the amplifier hoping that it would perform 10x better than they said it would? You'll be lucky to get anywhere near 50w per channel.
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