Are Wiring Kits A Scam?

OK, Just got my first system, a rockford fosgate 800 watt 2 channel amp and 2 sony 900 w 12" subs. The guy I got these from didn't have any of the wiring because he bought them and never put them in. When I went online to look for a wiring kit I kept seeing them for 50 to 60 bucks! Would it be possible to just take the list of parts from a website, go to the hardware store and get these cables? My dad said it looked like it would cost 20 bucks. Also If i am only wiring the amp in two channel mode to two subs do I need a distribution block?


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Most likely you would be able to go to Part or Blue Wave and find all of the parts you need for less $$$. Trouble comes when you start adding in the fuses, fuse blocks, connectors, wire ties etc. you'll be spending a bunch of time trying to figure out what you really need. If you're new at this...sounds like you won't be picking the right combination of parts. Example: You will NOT find high quality low gauge power wire at a hardware store as your dad said. You will be paying around $2 a foot for 4 gauge and close to $4 per foot of 0/1 gauge power wire. that adds up very fast. Personally I don't use amp kits. But I install quite a few from my home shop and order what I need in bulk. If I were you and was new at this I would order the amp install kit. Don't use Best Buy or Circuit City though.they will charge way too much for them. Look on eBay or some of the discount audio Sonic Electronix, Parts Express, etc.

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Price of copper is high right now.

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The RCA cords are going to be the most expensive part of the kit, and probably run you about $20 anyway.

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For an 800-watt amp, you are going to need 4 AWG power and grounds, with in-line fuse and battery terminals. Check welding supply stores to find wire this gauge. Hardware stores will sell stranded wire, but 4 AWG from a hardware store will be almost impossible to work with, and not worth the pain.

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Distribution blocks are for multiple amps. With one amp, you wouldn't need one. Run each sub to each channel on the amp and you're fine.

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No, wiring kits are not a scam. Those $50 to $60 kits are likely a low-gauge kit, say 2 or 4 gauge. generally speaking, 4 gauge will run amps up to 1200 watts, and 0-2 gauge will run amps up to 3500 watts. These are RMS ratings by the way. Wiring kits come with enough wire to do the job, and nothing more except a couple feet. full wiring kits come with RCA wires, power wire, ground wire, and speaker wire. Basically everything you need to wire an amp. Its up to you to figure out what gauge you need.

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