Toyota radio wiring help with the colors?

need to find out what color is the right for the power 12v acc/ign, memory, dim light (when you turn on the head lights), front speaker rear speaker, the colors i have are:

Underbody neons?

1- red
2- red/white
5- white

How many ohms would this setup be?

and i want to install it in my 92 tercel, the radio seams to be of a more reacent tercel (97 or 99 I guess) but the wires in my tercel are not the same color,


Stereo installation 2000 geo prizm, wire colors?

Constant 12V+ Blue/Yellow
Switched 12V+ Gray
Ground Brown
Illumination Green
Dimmer n/a
Antenna Driver's Pillar
Front Speakers 4" Doors
Left Front (+) Pink
Left Front (-) Purple
Right Front (+) Light Green
Right Front (-) Blue
Rear Speakers 5 1/4" Rear Deck
Left Rear (+) Black
Left Rear (-) Yellow
Right Rear (+) Red
Right Rear (-) White

My dvd-navigation is really outdate(lex)..i dont want to buy another disk...anyone know if i can download it ?

those are the colors for the wires in the car

Can i choose i fuse of the next higher rating?

to be honest i have no idea but your best too ask an auto electrictian, as they will be able too help you ,and may not charge, if you just ask for advice.

Will this fit in my 01 silverado?

check both vehicles here

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