200 watts 4 ohms how many dbs?

if you "double the power" you gain 3 db so does tha mean i would get 107 db from some 200s? or is it still 87?


Wire car pioneer speakers from 8 ohm to 4 ohm how can i get wiring instructions please?

Are you doubling the power on one sub, or are you adding another sub with equal power?

Car stereo?!?!?

Try the calculator here to compare your old power to your new power.

Where can i go to get an aftermarket CD deck installed in my car?


I need recommendations for which amp to go with two 10" kicker comp. subs?

BCAE is the car audio enthusiasts bible. Bookmark it ;)

Is this alternator worth buying?

From 87 dB to 107 dB is a 20 dB gain, which represents a 100 times increase in power. In your example, a 200 W amp represents a 20 dB gain versus a 2 W amp, all other things being equal.
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