Best vehicle subwoofers / amp for metal?

I'm getting a new system for my hatchback focus and i mainly listen to lots of double bass and fast metal music. What would be a good brand of Subs and amp for this style? I want good bass response and definetely loud. Any other suggestions/advice will be appreciated


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10's would be the tightest. Many 12's will also play tight. Look for a sub that will have a high crossover frequency in your car. Avoid 15's. Most will need to be crossed over at 60hz or below. A pair of Image Dynamics ID or IDQ 10's would feel like someone kicking you in the back. Super tight and accurate. You could get away with a well designed vented box. A sealed box would be a no-brainer, any sealed would sound great. Don't let the SQ reputation of the Image Dynamics subs fool you, they get loud too. You can fit 3 10's in that hatch back, but you would probably have to build your own box.

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If it's in your budget, a good set of mid-bass up front would help too.

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2 10" subs. 10" subs sound the best for rock/metal. Any 10s are good

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the L7's are awsome for deep hard bass and you can find them online for a good price alot of times and if you like sharp fast thumping bass the puch are okay

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I have installed one 10 inch SPL woofer before and this woofer is boomy. Two 10 inch SPL woofers will get you the "sweet spot" for you case.
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