Anyone know the correct way to hook up a car stereo?

Currently i have the red and yellow wire(from the harness) connecting to the red wire(power from the adapter)with the grounds connected to eachother. If i turn the car off, when i turn it back on everything is reset. anyone know what i should do to fix this...?


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your red wire is not connected to a constant power source. use a tester to find a splice that has power with ignition off.

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The yellow wire needs the constant hot for the memory in the head unit.Red wire accessory.

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hook up the YELLOW harness wire to your red and yellow unit wires if you want your radio to not need the key in the ignition to turn on. the YELLOW harness wire is always on, and intended to provide most of the current to your radio as well as maintain power for settings memory. your RED harness wire comes from the ignition switch, and sends a remote turn-on signal to your head unit much like your remote wire sends a turn-on signal to your amps (if you have them, that is).

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take off the yellow and tape it up with electrical tape. red to red. if yellow is your remote wire, you have to connect those too, but if you connect your wires backward or your constant to the remote, it will reset. email me if you need more explained and i will try to show you a diagram.

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I say run it by BestBuy. I have 2 guy friends who work in that department and they definitely know how to do that real quick
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