Amplifier Remote and power switch?

OK, I have to admit I am a complete nube when it comes to car audio. I have got my subs and amp in the mail. 2 12" sony 800 watt xplode's and a rockford fos. 800 mono amp. What I want to know is how do I wire the amp so that it turns on when the car is on and off when it is off? Also, can I put in a dial like i've seen to change the gain and bass boost settings? Thanks to All.


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If you have an aftermarket headunit, the amplifier turn on wire is 99 percent of the time blue with a white tracer (white stripe). This will connect to the remote on the amplifier. If you do not have an aftermarket headunit, then you can connect to a fuse that is "hot" when the ignition is on and off when the key is off. Make sure to hook to the correct side of the fuse. As far as the rockford amp, if it has a plug in (looks like a phone jack) then you can add a punch-bass knob, that you can get from a local dealer or from the website

If i want to add another amp what do i do about the remote leads?

The best way is to run a fused wire (1 amp) from the ACC in the ignition to a switch then from the switch to the REM on the amp.

I have this alpine type R swr-1242d,dual 4ohm voice coils,1500 w peak,500rms.i want to buy a new amp?

This allows full control and you never have to worry about forgetting to shut off the amp.

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The bass control depends if the amp will support this kind of accessory as not all of then do.

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First off you want to run your remote wire to the back of your radio to the remote antenna wire that way the amp is on only when the radio is on second the amp you got should have a gain and bass boost dial built into it. look it over good and read the operators manual if you got one with it
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