2003 Saturn L200. Where can I find and an Adapter to hook up an amp and sub?

My 2003 Saturn L200 came with a stock stereo and when I went to hook up the RCA cable for my amp I noticed the stock stereo has no RCA connections. Does anyone know where I can find an adapter or how to hook up an amp without the RCA plugs?


Have two s12L5 subs? which amp would you recommend for them? links would be great.?

You need a "Line Level Converter". It taps off of the speaker wires and converts the signal from speaker level to line level (RCA).

Too powerful for a naked system?

You can find one at Wal-Mart as a Scosche brand...

Sound system?

Yes, go to your local car audio business and ask for a line output converter. You will need to tap into the powered speaker level outputs on the radio and the converter will change the high level output to RCA female connections. If you can access the rear speakers, you can get the signal there. Hope it helped! Live loud!
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