What happens if i switch the + and - on my sub?

will it decrease the power alot?


Where is the factory amp in a 88 Lincoln continental?

your woofer will operate "out of phase" with the other speakers in your system and will have a detrimental effect on your overall bass response as the sub will now be moving opposite the other drivers, thereby cancelling out the bass frequencies. it is not particularly dangerous to the driver, just to your ears as out of phase speakers make a "tunnel" kind of sound effect.

does anyone know of any websites that give subwoofer encloseuer specs in detail?

well my freind did the same thing to his spearkers and subs. his subs didnt work and fried his speakers

The radio code for my MercedesBenz radio did not work after I change the battery.Can I know if radio is good?

Why would you want to? Are you having a problem or just curious? I wouldn't worry about it. Kinda like stuffing a fork into an electrical outlet. Nice question, but I still wouldn't worry about it.

how do i get a cd that is stuck in my car radio?

Direct current my friend is what I just wrote...direct current. Now if you reverse the polarity in direct current that means it will run backwards if applied to a generating source, but as for a speaker. If you want to blow them up thats a good way to do it.
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