2002 Honda Civic Factory wiring??

Does anybody know where on the internet i can find the radio wiring diagrams of a factory radio?


Can an RCA connection be used as an amplifier out to speaker connection in car audio.?

Wiring info here http://www.installdr.com

Pyramid from kenwood?

Harness to fit to the factory harness here http://www.metraonline.com

Back left brake light now working after a radio/speaker installation?

RADIO 12V|white/red |+ |radio |
| RADIO GROUND|black |- |radio |
| RADIO SWITCH|yellow/red |+ |radio |
| RADIO ILLUMINATE|red/black |+ |radio |
| LF SPEAKER|grn/blk - lt green | |radio |
| RF SPEAKER|grn/yel - gry/red | |radio |
| LR SPEAKER|blu/wht - blu/blk | |radio |
| RR SPEAKER|pink - blu/yel | |radio

Were Can Dynamat Go And How Much $?

Dont cut the wiring to fit a new stereo...!
Halfords do wiring harnesses changing one type to another. (£20)
If its already cut, use a car electrician to be safe.
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