Anybody had any luck intergrating an iPod with BMW's iDrive system?

I'm looking to intergrate an ipod into my '03 745i so I can use it via the idrive system, but without losing any of the functionality of the idrive (gps, climate, etc.).

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Have any of you had any luck doing this?

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I've heard that BMW can install an ipod kit, but that they're painfully slow, if they can even do it for a 2003. This "slowness" issue eliminates that option for me.

What do i do when my car stereo doesnt read my cds?

I'm desparate to know how to get my tunes into my idrive. Let me know if you've had any luck?

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I think the only way to integrate with the i-drive is with the factory BMW i-pod adaptor. Most dealers or audio shops could install an aux-in cable in your glove compartment, just plug into that, but lacks i-drive use.
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