0.8ohm to a 1ohm stable amp.?

i can wire my 3 subs to 0.8 or 2 ohms. my amp is 1ohm stable. can i hook 'em up @ 0.8ohm to a 1ohm stable amp?


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Well, with two DVC 4ohm subs and one DVC 2ohm subs, your better off going with 2 ohm.

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Just be aware that even though most amps push more watts when driven at lower ohms, they do this at a price, and that is:

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1) the amp runs hotter
2) the THD (total harmonic distortion) increases
3) the life of the amp is shorter due to the excessive heat

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Just because an amp is 1 ohm stable does'nt mean it's best to load it at that.

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You're far better off running at a higher impedance than a lower impedance.

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