What is an inexpensive computer i could install as my head-unit with...?

it will have to be a computer, play cd's, mp3's and dvd's, and have a touch screen monitor of course, to install in the dash, i would like to keep it under $1,000 but..... if i have to, i'll go more


How can I connect my bluetooth enabled Garmin Nu360 GPS to my car's stereo for audio?

Ahh, a carputer.

Hi, DJ GD $ingh (specifically for you),?

One idea is to have a "non-hard drive" based computer that runs standalone Windows XP from a Bootable USB drive that runs the music player of your choice using plugins.

need cheap car radio?

Your MP3's are stored on another USB drive that can be removed for editing.

JL Audio or RockFord Fosgate Or just plain Sony speakers?

This all ties into your sound system (amp subs/speakers).

What would be better 2-15s mtx of the older black model or 2 12s of the newer model thunder 8000, i think ?

No hard drive means nothing will crash (nearly). A touch screen display is really the only other peice of equipment needed that can be custom mounted in your dash as you say.

what could be the problem with my CD player?

Look up BartPE and Sherpya. These two guys found a way to run the full GUI of Windows XP on a USB drive (under 600 Mb).

when is the newquey riviera run this year?

A shuttle style computer is all you need for the computer.

How do i wire two 4 ohm subwoofers to a 2 channel amplifer? please help me!?

Here is a good place to start: http://www.mp3car.com/vbulletin/index.ph...

Ford Sierra Sapphire RDS radio 2005/2006 connections?

I currently use a bootable WinXP CD for "hard to remove" spyware and virus' from peoples machines.

What Amp or Amps Should I Get For Four Pioneer Premiers ts3004's?

i have a nice one that i would be willing to sell for 700.00 it is made by jensen with a touch screen 7.5in screen and it is an indash unit it has windows xp on it and you can do just about anything on it

car amp installation question?

You don't just put a computer in a car that would be a very custom install. I think that you are looking for a in-dash DVD player with touch screen monitor. Now there are two types single din and double din. There are tons of brands out there I would recommend going to your local stereo store and supporting your local economy. Some great brands to check out are
Alpine- they have a great dealer search http://www.alpine-usa.com/
Kenwood http://www.kenwoodusa.com
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