2 15" Kicker L7 vs.. 1 15" RE Audio XXX?

How do the kickers and re audios compare in spl and sq which will be louder and which one hits harder?


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i am going to go with RE on this one. the XXX is a killer sub, i have seen quite a few RE setups and they are extremely clean. RE is also a better brand than kicker in my opinion. kicker is mainstream stuff while RE is competition level.

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kicker: 88.5 db frequency 18 hz
re audio 85.81 db frequency ?
2 15's are going to move more air than 1 15 and the kickers are louder.

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75% of all world SPL competitions are won with Kicker.
2 subs, with wayy more surface area, will be Much louder. Put them in sealed boxes and they will be loud and clear.
Push 750watts rms to each and your chest will rattle.

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Good Luck!

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kicker hit way harder then the Re's

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As a owner of kicker, I must say the will hit harder. On the down side, they suck in the end in my opinion. Great and all, sound great, but the life on them is nothing compared to RE. The XXX can also handle a lot more power than it says they can. They do this for resons that will take to long to explain. If in the right box and powered right, the XXX can kill the kicker.
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