2nd battery in the trunk help?

My new system is on its way, and Im thinking I am gonna need a second battery. I have seen one hooked up before, but I don't know exactly how to do it myself. I know you run a thick wire (0-2 gauge) from the alternator to the battery under the hood, then from there, 2-4 guage wire to the battery in the trunk, then to the amp, but where exactly on the alternator do i attach the wire too? and which terminal on the under-the-hood battery do i attach the alternator wire to? Also, where are the places to put fuse blocks/fuses along the wires? Diagrams would be GREAT, I am a very visual person.

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P.S. - the subs are a pair of 2006 Kicker L7 12's, dual 4 ohm

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nice speakers. you want to follow the positive wire from the existing battery to the terminal that is secured to the body (within 8 inches of the battery). attach your 0-2 g cable there where the positive battery already connects to the vehicle. make sure your fuse is close to your battery no matter what configuration. most fuse boxes handling 0-2 g wire are made to look nice on display. also if something happens to the battery you want the fuse as close to the problem (the battery) as possible, for best overload protection. to be safe, get another fuse just like the one you have and put it on the other end next to the alternator. one works fine though.

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you can just jump the wires directly from the battery under the hood to the one in the trunk but this is VERY hard on your alternator what you need is a battery isolator which is specifically designed to split two battery's off of one alternator the directions with it will tell you all you need to know! ill give you a link to where they can be bought cheaply

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If you put a second battery in the trunk you need to firmly secure it to the chasis .Or go dry cell . A wet cell battery bouncing around in the trunk can cause havoc .

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your best bet is to run an isolator between the alternator and batteries that way you will charge both batteries while the car is running and you will only run down one battery when the car is turned off. you would run a 6 gage wire from the alternator to the isolator and a 6 gage wire for each of the batteries on the positive terminal. both batteries will need a chssis ground to work correctly. the isolator should have three posts, one for the alternator and one for each battery. it allows the alternator to charge both batteries without them backfeeding into eachother. you would not have to change your cars stock fuse block, and the fuse block for you secondary battery would have to be between the positive terminal and anything you plan to power with it

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If you are in the USA, Auto Zone has what you need for putting a second battery in. What it does to is also prevent the 2d battery from draining the first, then when the car is running BOTH batteries get charged.

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I am thinking of doing this for my Van. I get the kit. It runs around $40 I think. Then a plastic battery box covering for the battery. And the only thing I might add is a solar charger from Harbor Freight. I have to figure out what size I need. They have their weekly specials and I will wait till they have one on sale, after I figure out what I need.

Amp Connection?

Now if you are hard headed and too cheap to buy the kit. Then go to one of the lumber places and they will have the wire you want. Measure first the wire you will need. Now remember you would need a wire to go from + to +. and then on the trunk battery you can have - (negative) go to car body. Making sure you have a GOOD ground to the body and screwed right.

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Now the wires to the alternator were on the kits and these were like one way circuit breakers or something like this. They just make sure both batteries are able to charge when the alternator is running. And that the 2d does not drain the first. Something like that. But in the straight system, you run the chance of running down both batteries, when the car is not running. But on a cold day, you certainly will not have to worry about starting your car though.

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If you buy you a second battery, buy a marine battery and see if they have any that are self contained too.

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Like I said, buy the kit and it has directions, wire, and fuses and will keep you safe.

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try to keep the battery as close as possible to the engine... you dont want to run a ton of wires and it is good to keep the battery warm and kept away.

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Running a second battery is never a good idea as it's just an added strain on the alternator. A cap is only good so far as the audio system isn't trying to pull too much from the electrical system.

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If your total system power is more than 1000 watts RMS you will need to:

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1. Upgrade the alternator to a high output alternator
2. Upgrade to a heavy duty deep cycle battery
3. Upgrade the "Big 3" - that is to replace the power wire between the battery and alternator and the ground strap.

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Failure to do this will result in you replacing them anyway as the alternator will eventually fail.

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Here is a guide that will calculate what size alternator and power wires you need http://www.datafilehost.com/download.php...

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You'll need Microsft Excel to use it.

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See my site for more info http://spkrbox1.spaces.live.com...
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