How do i wire an 8 ohm dual voice coil subwoofer to a 4-ohm amp?

i have my 4 ohm 2 channel amp bridged to one channel. i blew my sub a long time ago. i came across a dvc 8ohm 12" for very cheap, but i have no idea how to wire it.


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For an 8 ohm DVC -

2 kicker l7s question?

this results in a 4 ohm load.

Would a subwoofer rated at 600 watts RMS w/2 ohm DVCs need 600watts@1,2,4,&8ohms;Or does it change w/ ohms?

True, the will show you all kinds of wiring diagrams, but you only have one option to get 4 ohms from one sub.

PPI amp question?

go to and it will show you all kinds of wiring diagrams that you can follow to wire up your system.
give it a try hope that helps you out!

How to choose a great sounding sub for my little car??

Birdge it, or connect them in parallel
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