A question about a car stereo + car speakers?

So I have a 1996 Honda Civic Sedan... I'm getting a Kenwood 50W x 4 CD Deck with 22W x 4 RMS and I have Dual 6.5" 2 Way Speaker XP 65I with 120w RMS. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, I'm wondering if the CD player is going to be too much for the speakers (like are they going to blow out or something..?)... This may be a stupid question, but I'd appreciate anyone's input.


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ever heard the song King Kong wel there speakers not a dang monkey. If i were you id go with the best King Kong's.

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no they wont blow. ur deck pushes 50W max to each speaker. it'll actually do about 22-25 rms. thoes speakers can handle that power easily.

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if your deck is 22 rms for each channel and the speakers 120 rms then it wouldnt definitely never blow them, cuz the speakers can handle more power than that...

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I believe you're speaking about blowing speakers by "under-powering" them. The whole under-power thing is a load of crap. You can use any amp up to the rated RMS provided you don't push it into clipping. I don't think your head unit would blow those speakers even under hard clipping. Under hard clip, the speakers see about 4x the rated rms. in this case, that would be 88 watts. They're rated for 120, so I don't think you could blow them, even if you ran the H.U. at a hard clip all day long.

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The deck and speakers will work just fine without any worries
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