One 12" sub, two 12" subs, or four 12" subs?

I have a two channel amplifer that puts out 800 rms.( ) I am looking for sound quality, but can still get really loud. I have two Audiobahn AW122N's hooked to it right now and it sounds great, but the subs are starting to make a popping sound so I want to try something new now. So I either want one really good 12" sub, two good 12" subs, or four 12" subs. I have the space and I know enough about wiring to wire any of those choices together. What will sound the best/clearest/best sound quality/loudest of these combinations.
#1 one
#2 one
#3 two
#4 two
#5 four
These are the subs in my $200 - $300 price range. Please help me pick the best choice.


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If you like your current audiobahn's, check the box for air leaks. It sounds like your subs are bottoming out. The only reason they will do that if they didn't do that on this amp before is an air leak. Check around the speaker, ports, and terminals first. Also, any hole in the surrounds or dust covers of the woofers count as leaks too. I hope you're running those in stereo.

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I don't have a lot of experience with audiobahn subs. As far as I can figure, their efficiency ratings are a bit inflated. Also, if you're looking for higher output, why not a 15? 2 15's have more cone area than 3 12's. If your power is staying the same, than the more cone area, and the higher the efficiency of the enclosure, than the more output you will get.

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Although the MA audio you selected is a heck of a woofer, it is the least efficient, so you would most likely get the least output off your 800w amp. I know for a fact that the Brutus sub sounds good. It will give you tight, accurate bass if you build a good box. You may also want to consider Kappa Perfects. 2 of the dvc's could net you a 4 ohm mono load (so you get all of the wattage out of your amp). They sound as good as any of the top sq woofers and a pair of 12's would make your head want to impolde off 800w. (they're highly efficient)

One 12" sub, two 12" subs, or four 12" subs?

Anyways, out of your choices here, 4 of the brutus subs would keep up with 2 of the aluminum piston audiobahn's based on the numbers that they provide. Asuming the audiobahn's are slightly inflated, than the brutus would be louder. Hifionics numbers are accurate. The other hifonics subs are too low in efficiency. Unless it comes down to 4 of them, or 2 of the others, than I would not choose them. The audiobahn's with the carbon cones look pretty good too.

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Of your choices I would buy either 2 or 4 of the Brutus or the AW1200V. If you want to use 4, you can either wire them to be two 4 ohm loads (4 ohm stereo) or you can short one coil on each woofer and use the other coil (this is ok as long as you don't excede 50% of the rms rating) and wire all 4 up to be 4 ohm mono (4 ohm bridged) or 2 ohm stereo. There is no danger to shorting one of the vc's in a dvc. It makes the sub act like a SVC with identical specs and 1/2 the RMS power rating. Since you are not even coming close to the Total RMS, you have nothing to worry about.

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Also, if you like the subs you have now, and it is an air leak. You can always repair the air leak, and buy 2 more the same. All 4 could be wired to 4 ohm mono so each would get 200w rms. That would only cost you $160 and it should give you about 4db more output on your current amp. 4 12's is a lot of cone area, it would be loud. I used to run 3 12's off an 800w amp, and it was painfully loud. If you build a moderatly efficient vented box, it should be deafening.

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Also, don't worry too much about x-max. Unless you upgrade your amp, or use a really big box, you will not even come close to reaching it. Sealed box would reach x-max before a vented one. The driver with more x-max wil not nescissarily play any louder or cleaner in this application.

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For the Isobaric guy. Isobaric will cut your out put in half unless you double power. That means with the same number of watts, if you go isobaric, you will need a box 1/2 the size, but you will loose 3 db in out put unless you double your power. That means your 800 watts on one woofer would be as loud as 800 watts on 4 woofers in an isobaric arrangement and the 4 subs in isobaric would need the same sized box. Isobaric is only a good option if you can increase your power. He is planning on using the same amp so isobaric would would decrease his output.

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IF he were buying annother amp, the 4 woofers isobaric with 3200 watts on them would play 6 db louder than a single woofer with 800 watts in the same sized box. That would mean spending about 10x the money for a 6db gain. not a good idea unless space is extremely limited and budget is very high.

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As far as bandpass goes, if you like the sound of a bandpass, than a bandpass is the best way to go. A good bandpass will usually give you the most efficient subwoofer system. Vented can be more efficient, but not if you want it to sound good for every day listening. Typically vented is second most efficient, and sealed is least efficient. Typical gain of a vented system over sealed is about 3db. The same gain you would get by doubling your cone area. Most bandpass gain about 6 db. some only 3. It depends on the drivers and bandpass arangement. If you're going bandpass, you either have to build your box very accurately, or you should buy a bp system already assembled. sticking woofers in a pre-fab bp will almost never give a good result. Bp can trade the width of the passband for higher efficiency, and vice verse.

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800 watts can run 4 subs. 4 of the same sub with 800 watts on them will always be louder than 2 of the same sub with 800 watts. Doubling your cone area with the same amount of power will gain about 3db. It doesn't matter if you run 100w per driver, 4 will still be louder than 2 and 8 will always be louder than 4 with the same amount of total power on the subwoofer system.

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Depending on the vehicle, the best thing to go with if you want loud with good sound quality ill be the MA Audio in a sinlge bandpass box. that is a great sub and that bandpass box will give you great back pressure and with the right calculations on the ports it will be louder than you can imagine. but you will need a more powerful amp to get it to do what you want

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You wont have enough power for 4 12's. 2 12's is okay, but have you ever thought of 3 10's?

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my friend Jonny Reeferseed says you should just run one 12" Juggernaut with that...

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Two subs setup in a bandpass or isobaric setup will undoubtedly give you a lot more sound than a single sub ever will. Both of these designs require a good amount of engineering to actually preform at optimum levels, but it's totally the way to go.

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I like the way the speakers look in #4, but they won't do well in an isobaric setup, because of the claws

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Because your amp is only 2ohm stable in stereo mode, you probably could sqeeze a bit more noise out of a 4 sub setup. The cleanest and smallest way to do this would be in an isobaric setup. You will only be able to see the backs of 2 of your speakers though, so be sure to get the ones that look the best from the back side.

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Good luck.

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is your amp 1ohm stable?? if it is i would go for 3 12's. you can wire them to 1ohm for the most power out of your amp. ONLY if it is 1ohm stable though. you can't get 1ohm out of 2 unless they are 2ohm voice coils.
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