Amp installation?

i have a 97 pontiac bonneville and having trouble finding where to drill a hole through the firewall to get the power cable to the trunk of my car. any help?


What subwoofer is the better for ur car?

Are your tring to go through the front firewall behind the motor or from the inside of the car to the back seat? In my RX-7, I've got my + wire from the battery coming through the same hole as the speedometer cable. Then I've got that and the accessory wire running under the carpet, under the back seat and under the rear carpet to the subs and amp. Try that, and chech for existing holes everywhere. Try the corners behind your backseat.

When Installing an amplifier into my car...?

try going under the back seat or in the side also under the carpet

We have woofers and we have tweeters why not a meower?

WOW! I can't believe people don't know where the firewall is.

How can i get more GROUND BASS to my system, u no like shaking peoples houses and wut not?

I've found that with two people, one inside with a small hammer and the other under the hood feeling for the taps from the inside the car on the firewall itself can give you an idea where a good place to drill is.

Can i use a weak amp on my subs or will it damage them?


On a car stereo the black earth lead has come out of the connecter hole on the iso connection block how do you

Find a something that already goes through the firewall and measure a few inches over and down (or up) from it in on both sides of the firewall to find a good spot.

Question about a Monsoon car stereo in my 2001 Grand Am GT.?

Don't forget to use a grommet for the wire.

I want more bass in my car, what should I do?

There should be an opening where the steering column goes through the firewall.
You should be able to fish a line through there.
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