1988 honda accord, i need the radio wires color chart for the radio?

need the wiring diagram to connect the correct wires to new stereo. previous owner cut old radio out and i dont know which wire goes to what. please help. thanks.


I have a used koss car amfm cd mp3 error 1 comes up when i put in a cd can anyone tell me why thanks?

Constant 12V+ White/Yellow
Switched 12V+ Yellow/Red
Ground Black
Illumination Red/Black
Dimmer n/a
Antenna Trigger Yellow/White
Antenna Driver's Pillar
Front Speakers 5 1/4" Doors
Left Front (+) Blue/Green
Left Front (-) Gray/Black
Right Front (+) Red/Green
Right Front (-) Brown/Black
Rear Speakers 6 1/2" Rear Deck
Left Rear (+) Blue/Yellow
Left Rear (-) Gray/White
Right Rear (+) Red/Yellow
Right Rear (-) Brown/White

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call or emil honda for a wire digram for the radio.

Im getting interference in my car stereo...?

here is all you need
good luck with the installation

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