Anybody have suggestions on a Good Cheap single DIN CD/MP3 deck for under $100? Thanks!?

I am looking for a decent new CD/MP3 deck to put in my car and dont want to spend more than $100 to do it. I live in a high crime area and want to stay away from brand names to deter theives. Anyone have experience with the off brands like Pyramid, Kong. Roadmaster or equivalent? I am not looking for concert hall sound..just a deck to play my MP3's..Thanks!


Why is my amp not working?

I have a sony xplod that im getting rid of , its good too because when it is off it folds in the dash. The sound is great on it but I just upgraded to high end head unit ... message me if your interested, and i can give you a link to the unit

What amp to power 2 rockford HE2 10" subs.They are dual voice coil 400 rms and 800 peak and I want them loud!

wal-mart is cheap cheap cheap!

Calling all musicians and / or tube amp enthusiasts. Is anyone familiar w/a co. called Clark Electronics ?

Can you have 6x9's, subs and an amp?

check this out, if you have an ipod or something like it. May be just what you are looking for.

Can I put a non-factory CD player in a 1996 Ford Taurus?


Car CD player question.?

OK...I feel you on that high crime criteria, SONY makes an MP3, detachable face, 4 channel, aux input for $100. It is sold at Target and circuit city( but watch for circuit city since it will cheat you on the warranty, by self experience, but this unit is highly recommended. Also Best buy had, I don't know if they still do, a great MP3 with all same features , less wattage output but I tell you, my truck has one and I don't complain a bit, because I paid for mine $50 during X mas. Good luck and remember to hook it up right. If like you said , looking for something to play mp3, then
6.5's 2ways in the front and 6x9's 3 ways in the back and enjoy...I didn't say Coca Cola. I wish I could afford the kind of system I need to boom the eighties.

How much of a differnece would dynomat make?

if you want to buy it in person try walmart, target, best buy or even circuit city.
If you are looking into the possability of going the online route the best place I've found is I have a link of 51 different units for under $150 dollars. Best of all is that when you order from crutchfield they will also send you step by step instructions on how to install it into your vehicle and you can also call them if you need any help.

What kind of new speakers can i purchase to have better speakers.?

I've used them in the past and they've always been great, and helpful.

Im changing the speakers in my 97 Blazer but I dont have a manual...?
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