1997 cadillac seville radio removal?

anyone know how to remove the factory headunit?


How to install my cd player on 2000-2003 buick lesabre?

I've Taken mine out and is it a Bose? if so your going to have a hard time with the bose speaker thing. i Just replace all my speakers and instead of trying with bose. But first you take a pin out from in front of the shifter. This lets you pull the shifter off. Then you pull the plate around the shifter straight up and unplug all the connectors. Then you'll find some screws that are on the bottom of the coin try... take those out and you'll find some behind the info center, just find something really thin and pry the info peice out... then after those 4 screws come out then the radio comes out... thats pretty much that just put the new dash kit in and your all set.
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