Best sub box for two 12's?

I want to know what would be a good choice for a subwoofer box for two 12 inch woofers.

How could i possibly hook subwoofers to a TV?

I would like it to rattle my mirrors off and be heard from several blocks away if you know what i mean. It also needs to be able to fit in my 95 taurus.

Where do i look for apower cable for a pioneer car stereo?

I've heard my friends subs which are two 10's in a loudened sealed box he called it and it was nice.


How do i connect 2 amps in my car?

the best box type if you just want to be loud is ported. as to how big, and what to tune it to, i dont know. that depends on what the makers of the sub recomend.

How do i set the clock on a panasonic car cd player in dash?

good luck

Where can I get a, and what kind of radio wire harness do I need for a 2000 pontiac sunfire?

I hope you blow your eardrums, bust out your windows and get plenty of tickets for disturbing the peace.

How do u find aspect ratio??

This all depends on what the sub manufacturer recommends for type/size of enclosure to use.

How to connect 2 15" subs to a dual channel amp?

See my site for more info
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