Are teenagers always so noisy?

thay are so loud in there car there not happy unless thay share there music with every one in a whole town at once my boy and his matets arnt happy unless thay have speakers bigger than each other i dont know how there cars stay togther from the vibration from the bass and thay will all be deaf soon anyway


How Do I install and BYPASS the video watching for the Pioneer Avic N1?

maybe your just getting old and because you didnlt let your eardrums die out a little your hearing is too strong
my mom thinks everything is so freakin loud when its not
just chill dude

Why my car amp keeps shutting off...? All wires look ok, only when I raise the volume on my radio it cuts off?


Installing t nuts?

it is more than that. it is about testosterone and intimidation. it is about low-class upbringing and a sick and degenerating society. it is about rising tempers and ramping hatred.

Rewired my amp now it doesn't work.?

Yes they are, I think they do that to prepare for being old and boring lol I know I did

Do 6x9s car speakers sound better in boxes or hanging from trunk of car?

im guilty of it. you just feel so at ease when your music is WAY up. its not so much about the whole town hearing it. i like it cuz the seats shake (which is like a massage without paying for the seat massager) and its just you and your music and absolutley NOTHING else. thats the best explanation i can provide. i apologize that you hate it but teens will be teens!

Is it 100% nessecary to have an amp for a sub?

Well I'm 37 and have always found a fascination with good audio, not necessarily loud, but good.

Is this a good deal on a sub?

I'm currently pushing 400 watts RMS total, which can be loud, but I don't drive it that way. I want good tonal quality with just enough volume to 'feel' my music as well as hear it.

Where do i hookup the ATT wire in a 1998 Ford Expedition?

Each to their own.

Car audio setup?

I'm italian and we have the same problem only in the south of the country... Is only a way to them to say "hey I'm here and I'm driving a car ".

Amplifiing some 6x9's?

if its too loud ure too old!

Legacy and Lanzer Subwoofer Amps??


How do I bridge a 4 channel amp to recieve max power?

If its to loud you are to old!

Deciding on an amp? For my Subs, AW1208T?

A powerful car sound system is expensive, I'm just getting my moneys worth.

Car stereo speakers?

yeah and they think they can drive too

My MIDLAND 38 CB radio powers up but only works occationally, any ideas what's wrong with it.?

From teens to 50's, some music lovers want an
escape in their own space (their auto) to lift themselves from stress and depression.
It also, makes a good time better. You should have been in my Grandgirl's Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel truck with her Mom and I singing to the Cars CD, Just What I Needed! Once pent up
energy gets out, we talk and laugh more. We
did not turn out bad for a Horse Trainer, a Dr
and a Real Estate Licensed semi-retiree.
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