Anyone out there with Alpine CD player with Glidetouch (CDA9855/9853etc)??

I got the Alpine CDA9853 headunit, and I can't seem to store any radio stations. I've followed the instructions, not that I would need to because it's self-explanatory.

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I chose my station and held a preset channel for more than two seconds, theoretically it should store it (a beep or a flash should confirm this), but nothing happens, even after holding onto a channel for around 10secs.
By the way, I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with the wiring because the unit remembers what station I was listening to after I switch off the car. But I'm not the most technical person in the world, so maybe I'm wrong.

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Also, is there a way of turning up/down bass and treble like the other Alpine models i.e. CDA9857, 9850, etc. rather than going into Menu and finding what I want (it takes loads of time!).
It's just that I've played around with the 9857 and 9850 models and I find the quick selection of bass and treble very convinient and easy to use.


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Call the place where you got it from, sounds like you are overlooking something or that the stereo has a default

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I have a CDA 9855 with the glidetouch. To store a radio station, choose your station, select your preset by touching the bar, do NOT let go, and press down on the bar. This will set it to that station.

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I believe the 9853 has a built in EQ, meaning that there isn't just a bass and treble setting but a frequency setting. I'm not sure about this but the 9855 has a built-in EQ. To set the EQ, hold down the "Menu" button for a few seconds and the parameter menus will come up. Here you can set cross-over points, time adjustments, and Equalizer settings.

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Hope this helps!
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