What is the optimum bass frequency setting for my car audio?

Currently, I have Kenwood KDC-MP858 in my car. If I want to listen to bass music, what setting must I have to achieve optimum result. Following is the audio setting range

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Bass Center Frequency: 60/70/80/100/150hz
Bass Level: -8 to +8
Bass Q Factor: 1.00/1.25/1.50/2.00
Middle Center Frequency: 0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0 khz
Middle Level: -8 to +8
Middle Q Factor: 1.0/2.0
Treble Center Frequency: 10.0/12.5/15.0/17.5 khz
Treble Level: -8 to +8
Front/Rear High Pass Filter: Through/100/125/170 hz


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Most people set their bass frequency to cut off at 80-120hz. These are usually a safe reference point. However, everyone likes their sound different so there is no RIGHT answer.

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Good Luck!

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Set the bass frequency to about 80... that's all you gotta do.

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this is what i do, turn of your internal amp (if you can) or make it jus so ya bass plays, then turn the volume to maxxium, then adjust it so it sounds perfect. Then do the same with your highs, so wen it kiks they dont blow. DO NOT do that with the highs unless ya bass is off
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