Question about sub and amp..?

I have a 15inch 500watt sub and I wanted to know when I connect the system up will the amp push it higher than 500watts?


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there are two ratings on the amplifiers and speakers (component and subwoofers)

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RMS = Normal Operating power
Peak = Peak power the electronic unit can output.

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Peak power is normally the advertised rating on amps. an amp with a 1100 Watts might have a RMS of 500 or 600 Watts.

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The subwoofer you said, is at a RMS of 500 watts.

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You also have to match the ohmage. on the speaker normally 500 Watt sub operates at 2ohm and match it to the output on the amps, for example 550 watts @ 2ohm.

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PS: Its widely accepted that its okay for the amps to be within +/- 50W of the RMS of the Sub (550W amp hooked up to a 500W sub @ same Ohm) so that the amp does not peak out and destroy the sub. I have also heard guys tell the exact same opposite. Proper research and some input from Electrical engineer/tech might clarify it.

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All the specs are on the sub/amp itself, if not get the model number and do a search online.

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how many watts is ur amp pushin?

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you need to know wattage of your amplifier. If it is 500 watts or higher it may push more than that to your sub. all you need to do is adjust the gain on the amplifier and you shouldn't have a problem
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