2 ohm 4 ohm question guys?

i was wondering..i have a 12" l7 4 ohm dvc. if an amp is 1000 at 2 ohm and 500 at 4 ohm does this mean if i hook it up to the sub it will only give it 500 rms? or does it mean its giving it the full 1000 watts?
the sub is 750 rms so now if i wire it at 4 ohm this amp wont work for me now..the amps kicker by the way(zx1000) thanks guys


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This means if you wire the subs to 2 ohms it the amp will give you 1000 watts max and at 4 ohms it will give you 500 Watts max and as long as you dont have it on max all day you will be fine with 1000 watts going to a L7 they cant take a beating trust me lol i have had a few pairs good luck

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i thought the reason for making DVC speakers was so 4 ohm magnets can run 2 ohm loads. i guess i don't get the question.

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but if yours is rated 4 ohm and its 500 max at 4 ohm, your rms will be much lower.

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rule number one: always match ur speaker impedence(ohms) to ur amp. the nice thing about dual vc is that u can wire them in alot of diff ways.using 500w\rms is what i would rec. on a sub like this anyway

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If you wire the sub like so http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j230/s... the result is a 2 ohm load.

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This will severely overpower the sub.
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