Battery Power +?

If my Amp doesn't get the right amount of Power it wont put out as much bass as it should right??


I just bought a 10" 250 watt sub tube with a built in high output amp . Hows the quality of sub tubes??

Your amp just needs to get enough, no specific amount. Read the manual and use the same gauge power wire that it reccomends.

Are teenagers always so noisy?

right, and you could hurt the amp cause its pulling for more power then its getting.

Which is better, stock Navigation in cars, or after market Navigation systems?

Yes, but bass is a small portion as total power will drop.

What amp can i use to power 2 dual 4 ohm 10 in l7's?

However, the difference between 13.8 volts and 14.4 won't even be noticeably audible.
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