Are used car speakers worth purchasing?

I have a 96 Honda Civic with torn paper cone 6x9s and don't know much about car speakers. Does it make sense to buy used speakers to save money or is new always the best option?


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If you can purchase from a reputable seller, then go ahead. Unlike head units or computers, there haven't really been any breakthroughs in speaker technology in the past several years. The speakers you buy off the wall in the car audio store today are pretty much identical to what you would have bought ten years ago. A good set of speakers should last for many years. If they appear to be in good condition, then they probably are.

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Even in a chain store, the price you pay for a new pair of speakers is usually at least twice what the retailer paid for them. Car audio equipment has the highest margin of just about anything in the electronics market (not counting accessories and cables). So if you're buying used, I wouldn't pay more than about a quarter to half of the retail price for a new set.

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if u dont car much about the quality of the sound just go ahead and dont waste ur mony in new set

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sure they are. but i would not buy a used car speaker off ebay. reason being is you cant hear them to see if there blown. not only that, but to see if they even sound good. when buying any speaker for your car always listen to it before you buy. that saves you a lot of time, and sometimes money.

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good luck

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used can be good and bad. good side is u can get a good deal on a great set of speakers. bad side is u dont know how the person that had them treated them and they could be close to dead. check out they have good prices and 6x9s are the best size to have since u have a huge selection

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Personally for speakers i would reccomend new, and i would recommend calling the guys at crutchfield. i called about speakers for my car and found out the ones i was planning on buying technically would fit, but i could not use my factory grills, so the whole word would see that i had nice stuff, i changes my purchase based on that call. and 6x9 start at around 60 bucks new, and if you spend 129 at crutchfield there is no shipping and likely no tax. so persoanllay i would call the guys at crutchfield tell them your musicall preferences, and have them recoomend a speaker for yuour car, i might suggest getting fronts too. you'll be surprised the difference speakers can make, they are the single most import part of a car stereo.

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No. Get new ones. Since you don't know much you should just get replacements within your price range.

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If you want a stock replacement, you could go to a salvage yard and pick one up cheap. If it doesn't work, the salvage yard will usually exchange for one that does.

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New is better though.
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