How do I wire my neon lights to a toggle switch?

I have four pilot neon lights from Auto Zone, and yes they have the plug on them to put in the cigarette lighter. I also purchased a blue led rocker toggle switch (30amps) and it has the prongs, (+)power, load, (-)ground. So do i need to cut those plugs off and wire the leads to the battery? Please explain on how to do this and if possible a diagram? They are going into a 2004 dodge neon


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"so once i wire the positive on the switch to the battery, then I wire the ground to a screw on the chassis, then do I cut the plug on the lights and twist the two ends together that came off the plug ..."

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No, twisting the wires together won't work. One wire gets connected to ground and the other needs to be connected to the 'load' spade on the switch.

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Carefully take the cigarette plug apart and determine which wire goes to the tip of the plug. This is the positive wire, the wire that goes to the side of the plug is ground. If there is a fuse in the plug, you'll need to run an inline fuse between the battery and the switch with hte same sized fuse.

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If there is any kind of circuitry in the plug, you will have to use it in the final circuit. You'll need a project box to contain this circuit board if it exists.

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heres what you can can tap the wires from the neons into the postive and ground from the back of the cig lighter and cut the postive wire somewhere in the middle of that and add two wires that you have to the switch (one wire from the 12v power and one from the neon lights). that will make the switch functional to turn them on and off...i am asuming that since the switch has a ground that means it lights must then run a ground wire from some part of the metal in your car to the ground or just use the same ground from the cig lighter to the switch and there you go mount the neons and light them up

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I suggest you run the powered line straight into the gas tank, that way, when you want to light them up, you can REALLY light them up!

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all you need to do is wire the power(+) to the battery a constant power which is you autos battery. a 12v source then the loade will hook to the lights, ground will go to a metal bolt or screw that is grounded to your nepns frame. The ground prong on the switch is only for the light in the switch.
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