What is a audio tweeter got to give to a incar stereo?


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Tweeters give a better reproduction of high frequencies which easily get lost in a car environment. They also allow the focus of the music to be moved according to the positioning of the tweeters. The human ear relies on high frequencies to determine where a sound comes from. Therefore, placing the tweeters at ear level, in front of the driver will allow the sound stage to appear as though it is in front of the driver. Placing tweeters at the rear of a vehicle will throw the sound stage to the rear of the driver.

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Bass frequencies are not so easily detected for directionality, and can be placed anywhere, e.g, subwoofer in boot or behind driver.

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Any full-range speaker or tweeter should be placed in front of the driver. Our ears face forward, and if we went to a concert, we wouldn't sit with our backs to the performers. The positioning of tweeters can alter the sound stage considerable, and their positions should be experimented with until the most appropriate permanent fixing can be found.

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dont know what the fcuk your on about

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Car systems all play the same record.

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Bumba bumba bumba (provided by the Bass speakers)

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Tzizz tziss tzizz (provided by the tweeters)

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All this is played at the threshold of pain. It's so loud you have to open the windows. This way everybody gets to hear it.

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Basically a car stereo without tweeters is never going to have quality sound. A lot of people, including myself, have thought their system sounded good until they added tweeters. Then it's like "Oh this is what a stereo is suppose to sound like". Depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking your system to bump to te people OUTSIDE your car then tweeters aren't going to do a whole lot for it. But if you want whoever get's in your car to say your system sounds good then you want tweeter and you what them towards the front at least dash level high.

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Tweeters give out a high frequency sound that bigger speakers can't reproduce.

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tweeters are for high frequency sound/treble but they do not add a whole lot of sound
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