What does an amplifier do in a car audio system?

what is the benefit of having an amplifier in my car adio system rather than running the speakers with out


My headunit has 1 Preout, can I still hook up 2 amps?

Without an amplifier, you wouldn't be able to hear your radio (it has one built in).

a good amp for my jl Sub....?

An amplifier creates more power to push to the speakers, used to create more clear sound and pull out the full potential in any speaker. Use caution when hooking up amplifiers though, you can easily blow a speaker out. Every speaker has a power rating, be sure to check what the power rating is for your speakers or the ones yu plan to install before buying an amp, never use an amp that pushes more power than the speakers can handle if you are unsure of what you are doing.

Trailblazer radio loses audio then comes back up but not on all speakers, also bass and treble change presets.

Compare stereos to light bulbs. Wattage makes a stereo sound louder and wattage makes a bulb brighter.
More watts a bulb has the brighter it is.. speakers get louder.
But it is not just about blowing out windows with loud.
If you turn up a 40 watt per channel stereo to full loud you get distortion and it sounds like crap, can even blow out speakers that are rated for more then 40 watts due to the poor quality being pumped into the speakers.
Channels are like Right Front, Left Rear, Subwoofer (3 channels)
Now put a 100 watt per channel amplifier between the stereo and the speakers and you are pushing 140 watts per channel (not actual, but good for discussion).. Now when you turn it up to 40 watts output to the speakers, your stereo is is just over 1/4 turned up. The music should be crisp and clear as you are not at the max for the stereo or amp.
Each speaker needs to be rated above your total watts per channel and ensure they are all Ohm rated the same. (no mixing 4, 6 or 8 ohm speakers) as this will create an uneven drawl on the amp / stereo and can cause overheating.
Quality of equipement and proper matching can create a better sound then high watts and cheap or mismatched equipment.
My stereo is rated at 60 watts on 4 channels and then a 40 watt per channel, 4 channel amp. The sound quality is so good that many people believe I am running a 300+ watt system.

how much will they really handle?


How do you tune ports when making a sub box?

Some research at:

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Can save you tons of money.

whats the best car stereo to day?

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More wattage the louder. Remember that an amp needs the right ohm speakers and its usually a pain to wire them to a factory head unit so if your considering an amp you might go to your local car audio dealer and talk to them and they will determine what you need after you decide how loud you want to go.
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