What is the sickest car out there?


Setting a car amps amps?

Im going for the stock and in current production angle.
All around = Porsche 911 Turbo
480 hp (SAE) @ 6,000 rpm
0-60 mph: 3.7 sec.
Top Track Speed: 193 mph
Great combination of usefulness (18/25 mpg manual; 17/25 mpg Tiptronic S), performance, reliability (it's all wheel drive and rust resistant), and "value"

i want to know if 1he memphis 16 prd 1000 car amp shuts off when it runs hot?

Sickest = Saleen S7 427ci Twin Turbo
750 BHP
700 LB Ft
0 - 60 in 2.8 sec
Top speed 248 mph

How many RMS does sony xplod 1000 watt amp put out?

The Bugatti Veryon is nice but not worth the cash and trouble. Would you really notice the 5 mph higher speed over the Saleen? No, but you would notice the extra half million dollars missing from your bank account and the fact that the interior is anything but that of a true driving car. Too posh, good for Paris Hilton to sit in while she crumples it but not conducive to a balls out, tire burning frame of mind.
(personally = 426 twin turbo, nitrous '70 lime-green Challenger)

Dual Cdplayer Iplug problem?

top secret r34, top secret r33, mclaren f1 lm, mclaren f1

GM Speakers?

I would assume one that hasn't had any regular mateniance or any oil changes in many years.

Cotton on the outside of a speakerbox?

Chris Chow out in california has a buick grand national with a small block, twin turbo chevy pumping out 1067 horse power, looks stock except for those turbos sticking out of his hood. On the dyno, when he kicks up the throttle, it raises up, and as the tires start really smoking, it sounds just like a jet! If you want to see avideo, email me your email address, I will TRY to email you the video of it, It is awesome!

how to remove top dash in plymouth neon?

Mine's fairly sick - it doesn't start well, idles roughly, stalls, and makes strange noises going round corners.

Is it ok if i dont get an amp right away?

Oh, you mean sick as in 'good'.

Does anybody know about Xenon car audio systems?Please suggest the homepage/site...?

Maybach Exelero and Plymouth Superbird

I just bought a 12 inch jbl bazooka, what is the best direction to install it?

There is alot of them. A tercel, Geo metro, Geo Prizm, Nissian Pulsar, Nissian Stanza wagon, Ford escort, chevy Cavalier, ford festiva,

I am looking for a good place to have remote start installed.. hopkinsville ky area.?

probably some secret hybrid test car lurking in some milionaires garage or special weapons military hangar that short of makeing you a coffe in the morning & puting on your tie hits mark 5 right after its carbon fibre wings come out and takes of to get you to europe to do a little day shopping then have you home in time to pick up the kids from school yeah i reckon that would be pretty sick.
P.S dont forget to also pack some lunch on the weekend for when you do a sub orbital hop to catch a glimpse of the earth so your kids can realy do a great school project!

96 Merc Sable - Left Channel in Tape Mode dont work?

well, noob, i gots a rill sick tricked out 2003 Mitsu Eclipse dat will make yo azzzz say 'sheeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt... when i be rollin propa, erry1 elze be runnin fo cover. tru dat.

How to install CD player in my Toyota Prado?

i'm going with a tank. thats pretty sick.

how do I program Sirius Satellite Radio to repeat a song or seek a particular song?

I like the Volkswagen W12 coupe...

when does my amplifier in my car still work when i have only 1 rca cord hooked up?

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