What kind of GPS is the best for the car ?

I'm going on a trip and looking for a GPS for the car.


how do i remove the raido from a 2004 toyota tunda?

They are very accurate
easy to understand
easy to use
precision combined with ease of using.

I have a Panasonic CQ-C8401U Cd player I need to take it out so i can hook my xm receiver. How do i do this?

2months ago I bought a different make and I realised its the usability that matters not theose looks or mp3....

dynamat....is it the best brand or is it just the most popular?

never buy complecated ones with too much functions or those with unclear maps that u cant read while driving !

my car stereo system?

the kind that points out short cuts.

can u use a home theatre system in a car (subwoofers & speakers i.e )?

You can either purchase a self contained unit like a TomTom, or just do what I did. Purchased Streets and Maps from Microsoft, it comes with a GPS to plug into your own laptop and works very well. It even have voice prompting when to turn (etc etc).

How can I eliminate noise from my satellite radio that is in sync with engine RPM?

well, i have the Pioneer AVIC-N2 in my moms car. its really good. its a flip-out screen with 2 discs.

Does two10'' subwoofers put out more power than one 12'' subwoofer?

if you are into that, then i would recommend any Pioneer and especially Eclipse product.

Does anyone know where to find the wiring for my CD changer?

otherwise, get the tomtom.

Just a question about a 1986 Mercury Cougar radio wiring harness?

Best? Everyone has a preference.

my stereo has too much power for my car battery...anyone know a good idea to fix it.?

I like the TomTom Go 910 plus it has $100 rebate. It has a 20gb HD for storage of maps (It has maps installed for the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe). Then 11MB is free for audiobooks, MP3's, and pictures. It links up to your stereo, bluetooth for connection with some phones. It is a really full featured puppy.

Need help matching amp and subs?


i need an amp kit?

Hope this qualifies for a best answer<hint>.

Which Amps Do I Need for my subs?

dude i love lowrance they rock im buying the lowrance iway 500c its kinda pricy but its worth check it out

what other materials can i use when building a sub enclosure with fiberglass?

the best kind is one thats voice activated so you wont have to be pushing buttons all the time that might distract you from driving.

Does a MicroSD-stick fit in a normal SD slot? (Please only answer if you're sure!)?

if you want a factory look and you have a double din then I suggest a pioneer avic-d2 i have this unit and you can add the pioneer xm tuner with nav traffic to it. this i a great unit with a lot of features
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