What is a better sub MTX T9500 or Kikcer L7 or Alphasonik Psw912 all 12's?



Where can I find a inexpensive wiring harness for a cd player for a 2003 Chevy Blazer?

Bigger isn't always better.

Can anyone get me the radio code for a 2003 Vauxhall Astra? All the details are below. Thanks?

The sub with the highest dB sensitivity and lowest Hz is going to be a good sub.

is it possible to use the AUX as car alarm system? how please?

bigger and heavier is better

1997 Plymouth Voyager?

your basically askin me is heaven better or is hell better.... dude try out the mtx best subs ever.... but if you want a little more roll into sum infinty's or for the shyt go for some rockford! 2 12 inch p3 subs!

i have a peugeot 306 and the radio wont accept the code it just shows 4 lines - - - -. Can anyone help please

The Kicker L7 can definetly get down to a lower freq. than the other two subs. Its square design also gives you more surface area than a round subwoofer. Since bass is all about moving air, bigger surface area is obviously better. This 12 inch square woofer is about the same as a 14 or 15 inch round woofer. Another person suggested Fosgate woofers. While Fosgate is a respectable company, the P subs arent very effective. Infinity subs are good for SQ, but dont produce a ton of booming bass.
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