What does it mean to "make the speakers bleed"?


I am thinking of buying a sony ericsson w850i and just wondering if ...?

When a speaker is made, the VOICE COIL is assembled with a reddish "glue" that holds the fine strands of copper wire onto the metal or aluminum that actually moves over & around the magnet, When a speaker is played for a long period of time at a loud volume, this sometimes can cause a meltdown from the heat that is produced from the voice coil rubbing accross the magnet. As the speaker heats up. this "glue" melts & it has the appearence of blood when you take the speaker out to fix it! It usually happens just before your speakers BLOW! It has a nice smell that is unforgetable!

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turning up the volume and punishing those speakers!

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keeping them really loud

Dual or Jensen?(For indash recievers)?

Basically just ripping the music up to a high volume so the speakers are pounding.

subwoofer box?

The music is so loud (as very loud noises can rupture your eardrum and cause bleeding), the speakers have been ruptured

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It's refering to your ears, as in, THE DAMM MUSIC IS SO LOUD ITS GOING TO MAKE MY EARS BLEED.
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