What exactly does CD Playback mean?

I'm looking for an in-dash CD player for my girlfriend. she doesn't need anything extravagant, but I'm trying to find her a pretty solid player around the $100-$130 range. I would like to find one that is iPod ready and MP3 capable also. iPod is more important than the MP3 though. also, since she's a girl, I"d like to find one that's somewhat "pretty."

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I'm comparing 2 similar Pioneers. one has CD playback, the other does not. what exactly does CD playback and MP3 playback mean?

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Can anyone recommend a good player at $130 or less? (not counting installation costs) Thanks


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CD playback means the ability to play CDs. Pioneer, Kenwood,
Alpine, and Sony make good models. Crutchfield is a good
place to compare many decks at the same place. There
are other product comparison websites that will take
you to different stores and give you customer's
ratings of the stores as well as the product.

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It means that it will play burnt cds. MP3 playback means it will play burnt cd in mp3 format. So if you burn a cd off your computer it should play.

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CD Playback just means it plays cds. It DOES NOT mean it plays Mp3s, CD-Rs, etc. When you buy a cd player, it should say in the description what all it plays. If it says MP3 playback, then it plays MP3s also. Most newer cd players play MP3s.

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You can use Crutchfield.com just to compare the different cd players, but DO NOT buy from them. Their prices are extremely high. For a decent cd player with iPod capabilities, expect to pay about $150. Look for Alpine, Pioneer, Eclipse, etc. Also remember that you get what you pay for. If you buy a cheap one with a name you've never heard of, you may save money now, but you'll be buying another one in 6 months when this one breaks.

how can i install my car dvd player so it won't have to be hooked up to an ebrake?

It will play the cd or mp3 back to back the hole thing will repeat over and over.
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